Another Love Story


Day 7

We go out to The Wren for a couple of drinks. 

I was really nervous, it was my first date since splitting with my boyfriend of 10 years, which makes it my first date since I was 15. I buy a new shirt from Zara, spend $200 at Sephora for god knows what, paint my nails, get roommate outfit approval. When we are there I have no clue why I would be nervous, he is so easy to talk to, so charming. The time flies by, and looking back those hours at the Wren were the first time I remember not thinking about L and what I had lost, just being happy. 

It’s time to go home and he invites me over to watch a movie. I had no clue what watch a movie means besides eat popcorn and get on netflix but it’s clear he has other things in mind.

We go up to his bedroom and I marvel at how clearly guy it is- one pillow, video games, simple, clean, a huge tv and clearly a bachelor pad. He starts kissing me all over and I crack up- wait, is this watching a movie? I kiss back and when his hands move down a little I freak out. Wait, we aren’t watching a movie. 

"Whats the matter?" 

"Um it’s just that, well you see I think I’m freaking out a little because we only just met and yeah like, I just (shut up I’m thinking to myself) really need to go home because yeah I want to be friends and this is really fast and confusing and yeah I don’t know what to do so yeah um I think I’m going to catch a cab now but I’ll see you tomorrow and okay bye."  Walks quickly to the door. 

"Okay? Well let me know when you get home." 

— 4 months ago
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